She searches for validation.
Not from crowds
Just one.
Her deity on Earth.
She places her faith in His omnipotence
And when she sins against His Will,
She begs for Him to accept her repentance.

If she’s forgotten how to pray,
He has the rope to tie her hands
Head bowed
Not gazing upon His face unless He allows
Otherwise, receive His wrath.
She lays the troubles of her mind at the altar His lap.
Still, waiting on blessings to be given.
To be told she has been a good girl
Then, receiving reward for being obedient.

She orders her steps in the Word.
He demands His Bible be heard in the church she constructed in His name.
This gospel should reverberate in her temple’s walls
So all can see who she worships and praises

Her mind is in depeche mode
Yet He is only her authority because she chose Him as her own, personal Jesus.
Someone to hear her prayers,
And someone who cares.
Because she reaches out with trust,
She wants His touch to be there.

She yearns for approval.
“Job well done” makes life complete.
His “yes” is her salvation.
Worthy is He to whom she offers her belief.