(I really like this one. The ideas formulate faster and clearer.)

Voodoo has so many gems.  There will be plenty of entries inspired by this album.

I’ve been through hell
I’ve singed my heart so badly
You can see the smoke during the exhale after speaking on past relationships
I coughed lovers’ names and no pat on the back could soothe me.
Love was terminal
Breaking me down from the inside out
I was imploding on myself
Collapsing into thoughts
And poems
And poems
And poems about how I was okay because of poems
Then watching newfound loves be thrown into the Lake of Fire
Because Damnation loves company.

My misery became a copier full of excuses
Rhetoric written into referrals and made available when absence was needed
Just apply your name
Or mine
Where necessary

Doubt is believing I was in hell
Selfishness is wishing for a companion there.
I bore both thoughts like Devil horns.
Each new acquaintance impaled in their heads with them when we kissed
So many came close to carbon monoxide poisoning
I hope none died from second hand smoke

How I left Hell is not important
Knowing I am still alive is
Mistakes aren’t grave unless you make yourself ready
You deserve happiness because you are you
Not because of what you been through