(Earlier today, I found myself listening to some of Lupe’s old mixtape records.  I thought it would be tough to write to rap, but this flowed pretty easily.  Maybe I’m getting better…)

Declaring war on the deck like they The Joker, all while ducking from Bruce Wayne…

Every show needs a theme
Even COPS has a catchy tune while lawmakers protect and serve.
This is theme music to a Drive-By.

Maybe it should be whistled
This won’t be filmed in Mayberry
Loved ones of people at the wrong place at the wrong time may bury someone very close to them.
It’s that black and white.
“A Hunting We Will Go” on the lips of drivers of vengeance

The supporting cast
Friends of the antagonist
Bystanders innocent and guilty
One life has had its fate sealed and the others
Well I hope the Universe loves them today.

A dimension of sight
A dimension of sound
In the twilight or the daylight
The world there is twisted
Whatever size is the company
Bullets still knock at the door
They’ve been waiting for their target to show himself on set.

If he’s infamous enough
After being slain
There will be cheers when his body drops
But Lord
Don’t let there be future on a bike riding by
And that girl catches a stray
We won’t need bars
Everyone will know her name.

Any time
Blocks can get rocked around the clock
Making inhabitants of the neighborhood wish for the happy days.

The instruments provide the melody while people scatter.
Life is like a hurricane
And they want to live to recall do-bad and their good-luck tales
Shooters form a four-piece percussion band of brothers
Who mash triggers making a mockery of war.
Then speed off into the end credits.

I’m sick of this tune being so catchy
Too many people know how this song goes…
The show needs to be cancelled.