(Upon suggestion of the good brother Mark Trible, he suggested I step even further outside my comfort zone and write to songs I don’t already know.  So I took his advice, and found a wonderful tune for Day 24.)

Space to breathe and time to savor…

Of all twenty-four
I love a select few the most
Sun gets to touch my lover after hovering
Waiting to put down responsibility and place her legs in my lap

I wrap her and I in a blanket of constellations
Blowing away clouds to marvel at the pattern
The breeze so still
The rest of the galaxy can hear our hands in orbit
Gravity tastes like her hip.
The shadow of her body descending onto mine causes a other planets to see a total eclipse
The rest of the solar system
Voyeurs wishing my touch didn’t feel so extreme
She’s the one for me.
Her last vision is my face
Her eyes mimic my sunset
Until she returns to me
Heading Back to work.