(I’m starting to write to more eccentric songs. This is another one I’d never heard until I started writing. I’d say I’m getting a hold of the craft, but there are 340 days left…)

From a group called Darkside, off their “Psychic” album.

When I finally walked away
I never turned around
I knew seeing what was would petrify me
A city crumbling would cause any man to run to preserve what had been home for so long
Home is where the heart is
And I don’t need to look back to know it’s packed neatly in bubble wrap
Box marked fragile
Loving side up
I marked warning labels for myself
Because I tossed it around the apartment once
The sound of porcelain breaking in my chest brought a worry I never again wish to experience

I’m leaving
The first step is the hardest
And I’ll always have the pen
The parchment
A journal to place my focus in
So my head stays forward
There seems to be missing stanzas
Shreds of poems from then until now
I think I’ve left some words behind
I’ll never find out.