(I begin the second month with a timeless record, digitally remastered a couple years ago.  Some of the best lyrics ever.  Let’s see what words February brings…)

Peace to The Floyd

Did you believe?
Did you believe walking alone would make your burdens any lighter?
That helping pressed on your shoulders to weigh you down?
Sometimes, we need a spotter to help exorcise demons.

Did they get you to trade your starlight for shadows?
Dreams for a puff of smoke?
Injection of…
Did they tell you of a vaccination for your spirit?
A spirit for your spirit…
How I wish…

I’ve tossed money into the well so many times
Hoping my soul backs the currency and the toll is paid for one last big of magic along the walls
The power that gets brushed against the brick when people ask for cars
Or more money
I just wish…

I unwrap from the magic carpet of a comforter
I touch my lamp
Hoping there’s one request left in the bulb
How I wish…