(There’s nothing much to say in this post of the post today.  The freewrite speaks for itself.  Day 34…)

Stevie, man.

I thought about not speaking to you for awhile.
Spending extra moments in silence
Just to see if we could
If what was between us could be expressed without verbal communication.

I refuse.

To never be able to say anything to you when I want to say it
Separates hearts grown Siamese.
I wouldn’t dare risk that for some test operation.

You give the words their luster
Speaking them to you shows the value of the treasure I see inside you
The bevy of bullion entrusted to me.
Looking at you is amazing
But not conveying what I behold vocally
Even for a day
Is death.

Words so simple
But shatter frozen spirits like hammer.
This sentence makes the sentence of life much more malleable
I could stare them into your eyes
Massage them into your skin
But nothing beats saying them to you for the universe to hear.

I love you.