(These ideas, whether I know the songs are not, arrive so quickly.  It’s almost as if they’re yearning for my lead.  I hear you.  Day 36…)

Goldie’s back in town…

Anything you want within my power is yours.
You were there when a reign was a mere brainstorm.
Never a possession
By my side when an umbrella saved us from drowning.
Or when opposing forces crossed into our land.

You move gracefully.
Regal is your step
Covered because though the game is done if I fall
It’s nothing without you
And I’d do whatever it takes to get you back.

Because you offer your loyalty
Loving to have my palm around your body
Heeding to every command
Knowing that if you give yourself to me
There’s nothing we can’t conquer
Castles can tumble
Our foe can have captured every fast and slow-moving idea
But as long as I have you
The dream is never dead.
My mate keeps me alive.