(I’m not sure if I’ve reached the point where repetition has made writing a habit. I sure hope so.  Anyway, honoring Robert Nesta Marley for Day 37…)

Happy Birthday, King.

The saying goes
“Patience is a virtue.”
While that adage, standing alone, is true
How long is too long to wait?

The line between hope and foolishness has been blurred
Pulled into a coil by your beckoning finger.
Strung along my limbs
I don’t move without your tug.
I still haven’t learned your gravity pulls me to a lifeless planet

Wasted time has been disguised as surplus
Spending more than I have
For something I’m not sure I need
When did your love become available in department stores?
Why did I believe layaway was a viable option for mine?

Promises are solid
Yours is the edge of a cliff
A stable place to stare into the horizon
For the ship with your care on it
This journey across oceans made into
“Be back soon”
By hope
Hope sure has a big ego.