(Dilla.  There isn’t much else to say.  I hope you enjoy.)

Rest in power, Jay Dee

No matter how appetizing the idea of love is
There’s a hole there
Only doughnuts are whole with holes in them
This isn’t what I had I’m mind when I wanted you to look inside me.
But you’re here.
And from now until the healing process is complete
You’re still here
Missing or available

Carefully filled with jelly
Or glazed over like uninteresting stories
It’s flavored just for you
As long as you bring the breaded rest of me back to the bakery.

Made incompleteness delicious
The difference between perfect and good enough is accepting the hole as unique.
It serves no purpose
We still hold the pastry by the edge
I wish you still held some part of me
You still do
So I ignore the negativity that comes with the vacant space and label it something better
And returning it would distort what I am now.