(The best part of this writing challenge is how I capture ideas for these freewrites. The second-best part is the songs I find in my search.  I’d be interested in knowing how many of these songs you, the reader didn’t know of before seeing them. Yes, this is a ploy for comments. Day 39…)

Did you say you were happy for me?

I’m happy for you.
Somewhere beneath the rubble
The fallen city
I’m happy for you
So while I dig through the remains of what once stood tall
I may concentrate on that for awhile.

Calmness was too calm
Serenity carries the weight of blizzard in its clouds
Everything about our time together felt natural
Even the disaster
But hey
Stuff happens.
The silver lining wraps itself around knowing that this
Will be an opportunity to build better, stronger

The sound of your voice
The sweetest tasting sound ever heard
Is coffee fresh from the pot.
No creamy well wishes
No crystallized phrases of adoration
I just drink your blackness in
So I can burn your kiss off my tongue
Thoughts of you need to wake me up and make me see that it’s cold outside
There is frost on my breath when I speak your name
But seasons don’t last
I’ll warm up soon.
My face won’t be sour from your aftertaste.

I don’t blame you
You are who you are
In some places
Wintry storms would turn desert into wonderland
Snow is a miraculous blessing
But here
As pretty as you are
As natural the idea of you is
You don’t belong here.
Thank you for showing me anything is possible.
That makes building a better everything easier.
I’m happy for you.