(Wanted something gritty to flip.  What’s better than more Dilla?  Day 41…)

Looks like it’s popping up here.

Step in the place unashamed
Been here so much, bartenders’ voices can be heard calling my name
The table is ready
My favorite dancer is ready
They’re all my favorite
But tonight
I want the chocolate one
With big hair and bigger libido
She looks prime to bend the rules with me

There’s no VIP here.
Every room is important
And velvet ropes shield us from going where they can get private
I know the security
So there’s no place I can’t go
It’s going there that takes courage

All my attention gets turned into disposable cash
Time is money
And the talent deserves every dollar I spend
She sat in my lap and threw her ankle onto my shoulder
She doesn’t waste any time
The bulge in my pants suggested that is exactly what I need

She moves to the music
Her hips in my hands
We become bassist and guitar
Blending with the bottom beat
We give each other more access
A whisper to proceed to remove what little clothing she had
And I unbuckle my pants
Venue violations be damned
As if they really exist
She’s mine.

The curtain glows red
Song after song
She proves she can do it with…
Tools in her.
My income is for her
I empty more than wallets trying to stop time by causing her hourglass to burst.

What a spectacle
Reality is bland compared to the show I enjoy to escape from outside.
And tomorrow, I’m right back here.