(I wondered how long into this challenge I’d get before a freewrite became a poemi felt was complete.  I think today’s entry is pretty close.  It’s inspired by this, and I’m proud of it because I felt I want good at this type of piece.  Day 43…)

Jazz moves me so much…

1. Because you are depended upon to give words to those without them. You translate screams and cries and laughs and kisses into sentences deemed scripture by the Creator Herself.

2. History needs a stenographer for both condemnation and liberation.

3. Sheets of paper can shelter you from any storm, even the ones where you shake the clouds.

4. To tattoo the earth with your presence. Become a part of the mural. The pain you may inflict is temporary compared to the permanence of art.

5. Smoke signals from base camp. Bread crumbs from one home leading to residences yet found. Lighthouses that beam along the sea like constellations. Your words will be unique reminders of just how far they’ve taken you.  Those who see them will appreciate your journey.

6. You hold the most holistic syringe.  There will be people you’ll never know thanking you for healing diseases once thought viral.  You are going to be one of those people.

7. Darkness and light are merely shades of ink.  Mix them, or mix them with blood, sweat, and tears and paint portraits with colors you imagine. Your skin is the palette for the rainbow in your soul.

8. Because you can still look in any direction while facing the pad. Past, present, and future mold themselves into your compass.  Backward, around, and forward are all steps in the route taken towards your destination.

9. There is no such thing as writer’s block.  Don’t let a fallacy derived from fear of inadequacy stop you from the very thing you adore most.  As long as you are physically and coherently able, you can write.  Stop believing what you may write won’t be good enough.  Stagnation is quicksand to progress.  Do not sink in your own thoughts, for your mind is good enough to make you believe the lies your imagination can craft.  This is the gloomy facet of your gift, but never forget that it is a gift or a service. Embrace every thought that brings tears to the tip of your eyes or opens the wound in your spirit until each heartbeat is another bludgeoning blow. Write.

10. Because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing, isn’t it?