(This is one of my ten favorite songs, regardless of genre.  Yes, there will be more Blu on this challenge.  Day 44…)

I fall in love…a little too fast…

In the folds of the calendar
When seasons blend like sunsets and sea
She is
For a catch leaping out the water in her name.

Smile like rod and reel.
Hips wind the spool of the twine she’s casted out.
That’s one.

The gravity of her kiss
Pulls the strongest star in her direction
Guess the Sun controls her tide.
Or vice versa.

Weighted to ensure the hook
And bait they carry
falls to awaiting mouth.
She is the nightcrawler
Tempting those who make a bed of the ocean
Or vice versa.

Her fingers
Orchestrate everything
Fish yearning for everything casted
Believing it’s love
Instead finding the spell makes a puppet of the heart.
From swimming freely
To someone’s prize catch.
Dying of breathlessness.

What a difference a day makes.