(Happy Valentine’s Day.  I’ve written a couple poems regarding this day.  Today’s entry is…well…read.  Day 44…)

She comes back to the cooler side of town

She goes to work.
Handles her business with the grace of queens past.
Firmly in control of her world
Even when it crashes
She keeps catastrophes to a minimum.

So many depend on her for strength.
Willing to do what she says because what she says has been right in their world.
She’s given sovereignty over all that she touches
Out there

But when the day is done
When tyranny is demanded not to be worn
She crawls into my lap like a wolf finding shelter
She strips herself
Of her duties
Stepping out of her royal garments to bow before the king.
She sits on throne as servant
Obedient to my dictatorship
Because what I say is right
What I say has always guided her world wherever it needs to be
Even when she crashes on top of me.