(I love Greek Mythology.  I also love overcoming cautionary tales.  Day 48…)

Get out of your shoes and grow wings…

I’m not one for dismissing cautionary tales.
The Sun deserves the worry a godly father conveys to half-listening child
Who received flight like new jewelry

But the angelic apparatuses on your shoulder blades do not wilt in high temperature
Give your Creator more credit than that.
So for you to choose walking over
Over what you’re designed to do
You believe you know a better way to travel than The Almighty.
Forgive me, but I don’t give you that much credit.

I was grounded before
Punishing myself for mistakes I thought I would make
Nothing beats trying
I feared the sweat from those tries would ruin my wings.
Not every day in the Sun is peaceful.

Your wings are like mine
They didn’t have to be glued to you.
They won’t fall off if you soar high
And you can’t fall as long as you use them.
It’s not easy to fly
But it’s easier than walking.