(I have a fascination with songwriters who use metaphors like poets do.  This song is fantastic.  Day 49…)

Go ‘head and laugh. ’cause it’s funny.  I would, too…

I’m really glad you’re happy
This smile I spent hours in a room of solitary to create seems to produce a real one on your face.
But you’ve seen my face away from the bright lights
Do I really look the same?

It’s funny.
Ha-ha-ha-how the hesitation to share my real thoughts makes you laugh
I guess slipping and falling for you is a brand of physical comedy for you.
Your sense of humor is…
Let’s say that I don’t get the joke.
That wasn’t part of my routine.

But you’re laughing
Which is
I had been desperate to hear that long before adorning makeup and a red nose
I should wake up and smell the roses.
Not see our relationship through glasses made from their petals
Pulled from my sleeve like magic.
I hoped pulling one sheet of paper would be enough
But I’m still writing.

I guess that’s funny to you.