(I think Kendrick Lamar’s debut album won’t be fully appreciated for another few years.  I pull from it for Day 50…)

One day, it’s gon burn you out…

Do it.
Words people called friends say to him
He who shared the same title in their circle
Amidst the swoosh shaped smoke patterns
Ridicule and inquires of courage fill the four door van.
“Nothing’s going to happen.”
“Yo, stop being a bitch.”
Their song of persuasion translates into “I’ll be there for you.”

His confusion is evident
The vehicle a mystery machine
And he’s still clueless to the presence of villains masked as
His eyes are hazy
It could be the quality of herb
Or lack of camaraderie elsewhere
But he can’t see as clearly as he does when alone.

The moment of truth arrives
The blunt near his lips
One last inhale before igniting the tip.
One large inhale
He fires
Assault rifle rounds paint buildings
And flesh
Along the street
Bodies drop like ashes
Encouragement pushes him to take another toke to ensure the high is reached.
To finish his masterpiece.

Normally, sobriety prevails
But not tonight
He’s with his friends…