(Some background: if I don’t know the lyrics of the song before placing it on repeat, I don’t look them up until afterward.  This song is like that.  Beautiful, solemn words. Day 51…)

I need to stop giving suggestions, and just eliminate the questions…

I don’t know what she sees
My perspective of my Self is believed to be the best since no one can be me
But her conviction makes me doubt my own.

She sees king
I see vagabond.
An adolescent tale given a few years to mature.
I want to tell her I’m not who she portrays me to be
But her conviction makes me doubt my own.

Royalty can command his dreams true across continents
I carry mine over my shoulder, hoping to survive until I can set them down
Thrones radiate hope
They aren’t built from it
But she has dreams encrusted in jewels
Yet believes mine have more value.

I hope the dust from my unkempt aspirations hasn’t clouded that ruby
Or that pink sapphire
Because surely I am not as polished as you think.
But this man you exalt so highly
I hope I remind you of him.