(This freewrite came and was written rather frequently.  Peace to Sun-Ra.  Day 52….)

Yesterday belongs to the dead…

Every light casts a shadow.
Shadows are hidden in the darkness
And are revealed in the light.
Shadows only exist when objects get in front of the light
With no obstructions no shadows appear
The shine of the Sun stays raw.
The light that shined yesterday is not the same as the light of today
Which is not the same as the light of tomorrow.
The shadows of yesterday no longer exist
The shadows of today exist until there is no more light
Or no more obstruction
The shadows of tomorrow will be there as long as there is obstruction to the light.
Overcome the obstructions of your light.
Don’t let shadows of yesterday or tomorrow obstruct your light today
You give the shadows of today more power than the light of today may be able to handle
Then you obstruct more of the light of today.
And you may believe today and tomorrow only has darkness
The shadows of tomorrow will be there if you see tomorrow
But so will the light of tomorrow
Get everything out of the way of the light.
And there will be no shadows of tomorrow.