(I had forgotten how incredible The Black Keys are.  My goodness.  Day 53…)

That’s me. That’s me. The boy with the broken halo.

I walk to the rhythm of snarling basslines.
Born with a riff of darkness that gets plucked when the Devil has my strings

I broke my halo
Hammered it into a dagger because I want my divinity to the point.
The shortest distance between my Creator and I lies at the end of this blade
I didn’t want my holiness hanging over my head

Guilt is the tar sticking to my soul
I’m sitting in this tub of water hoping to baptize myself to restore whatever blood of Christ that hasn’t been tainted.
The torment is overbearing
Every sidewalk traveled feels like stumbling through Gethsemane.
I’m sprinting to Calvary.
Too fatigued to handle crucifixion
So I take matters into my own hands.

Father, forgive me.