(I’m glad the freewrite pushed me to walk through this door.  I felt that part of me wanting to reach out.  Also, I love this song and video.  Day 55…)

I can kill it with kindness or murder it…

Is it suicide if she willingly gives her life to me?
Is there more to killing than criminal and victim?
Is she really a victim?
She has to be an accomplice to her own premeditated murder
But who planned the death?
Since her first kiss on my neck
Her burial was imminent.

The grim reaper wears satin that accentuates the contours of her hips
The cemetery is beautiful this time of night
She gave me entry to view the tomb
And when the ground was most and rich
She let me dig
And dig
And dig a grave
While her spirit moaned in anticipation of receiving a partner

Bite marks
Smudged makeup
Signs of struggle for typical crimes
But there are different rules for atrocities of passion
Especially a murder as
As this was.
Screams pierce the air
Guilt laces her lips
She wants to die without my permission
Sir turns from formal address to plea to carry out her suicide mission
I grant her wish and she exploded
The paradise after makes the death worth it