(I love jazz.  Whenever I don’t have direction, this genre of music always helps me focus.  I’m eight weeks into this challenge…)

Charlie Parker.

And this is the list before I ever knew your name.
While I’m sure there are more entries
I haven’t explored all your town has to offer.

Ms. New York City
I didn’t know melting pots were shaped in such a lovely frame
God is one amazing blacksmith
And either too generous
Or more careless than I thought
To have you available to the public.

Finite contours with infinite contents
God is one amazing magician
I’m grateful to Him for letting me participate in showing you off
He must have known I’m an explorer
And designed a container so beautifully bottomless
That I’ll always pull something new out of you.
And never reveal the secret of how you’re made.

And that was the list before I learned the rhythm of your heartbeat.
Before your Scroll of Life was unraveled beyond my wingspan
It’s why hugging you feels so tight.
Royal decree with a smile like law that makes mine gravel in respect.
You are the most gorgeous gospel ever written
I hope any messenger more beautiful than you has wings bigger than yours
Because though yours are tainted by this planet’s darkness
I feel them whenever my arms are around you.

I’m still working on the list.
I hope I never see the end of it.