(I end the second month with an appropriate song selection.  Before I began this challenge, I had never even comes close to “30 in 30” type of challenge.  Now, I’ve nearly doubled that.  Discipline and commitment.  I wonder what March will bring…)

David Bowie is an amazing songwriter.

It’s fun getting lost in a place you own.
Once I realize that though I may not recognize this wing of the residence
This is still home
A feeling of calm
Of ownership
Comes over me.

Shadows here can no longer spook me.
New doors cannot scare me from turning their knobs
I no longer feel my gut being wrenched by the unknown
I relate to the opening now
The findings
Marvelling at just how beautiful this place is
Not caring how to get back to where I was
Because I am still home.
And home is where the heart is.