(There will probably be a few more tracks off this album and from this artist over the course of the year.  I relate to Below the Heavens so much.  This is how I begin March…)

So just move your ass. Just move your ass…

The storms become heavy
The rain collects faster than I can write it away
Or I get drenched before I find shelter
Even though covering my head is like the atmosphere above clouds
Sure, the Suns rays are less harmful
But that doesn’t stop the rain from falling

Storms are a product of home
Not the Universe
Though natural and necessary for balance,
They can still dampen plans to shine.
We all know how vital rain is to earth
We also know how annoying puddles are when earth doesn’t drink fast enough
Everyone has gotten shoes dirty
Socks wet
From storms home has formed

It happens
Bask in the necessity of downpour
Find your rhythm along the cadence of droplets
Let your optimism be your umbrella.
Because there will be sunshine soon enough.