(Stevie.  YouTube didn’t have both songs on the same track lie they are on the Musiquarium album, so there are two links, in case you’ve never heard them out need reference.  Day 61…)

And I think I can deal with everything going through your head..
Where were you when I needed you last winter?

Her determination is admirable.
The way she manages to fly so gracefully
With all her hindrances flowing behind her like a cape
Just waiting to get caught on something and drag her down.

Batman has Alfred
Superman has Lois Lane
Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson
People only blessed with the ability to care
Her vulnerability around me
Showing me everything under her mask
Should keep her from being too reckless
But I guess the power of love can’t save everyone.
And to her
I’m just someone villains use to hurt her.
My hugs are her Kryptonite.
Fragments of her past life that
If I hold too long
Would kill her.

Maybe she needs to move away
To another Metropolis
Because this city doesn’t need rescue.
And until she creates a signal asking for help
She’ll just fly aimlessly
Listening for sounds of distress.

Mine must not have been loud enough
The light in the sky must have been green
Because she avoided it
I’m not Krypton.
I am the Sun
The winter doesn’t keep me from shining for you
Maybe by relocating
You’ll feel the temperature of distance
But remember
Seasons change no matter where you are.
I’ll see you when the weather warms.