(I was in the mood to hear sad songs, though I am nowhere near sad.  There’s something about the emotion in them that has always appealed to me. This song is from James Vincent McMorrow.  Day 62…)

I’ll hang on to the hope that you’re not to late…

Hope pressed against my chest
Trying to revive what pulse remains inside.

We are heartbeat
The peaks and valleys of each thump proves us alive
But do we need our excitement to be death defying?
Adrenaline causes us to fight
Yet can cause some to run away faster than normal.

We are heartbeat
I squeeze to get as much from you as I can
And you just want to be let go to flow where you’re needed
Even though I need you, too

But maybe
Maybe resuscitation is for naught
Sometimes that heart needs to release one last time in this body
And be placed in someone else who needs me more than you
With that weight off my chest, everything is