(Another one of my favorite songs.  It’s just so passionate.  I used the original from Mr. Marley, but this cover by Allen Stone using Corrine Bailey Rae’s version is marvelous. Day 65…)

I’m willing and able, so I lay my cards on the table..

Why is it
That when she saunters across my mind
I feel her footsteps in my soul?
Something about her presence leaves imprints as proof she’s been here
They turn into proof that she’s been here before I heard her heels clicking down the halls.

She seems to be more cunning than others
Thieves have tried entry many times
Yet they trigger every alarm and motion detector
Then are quickly removed from the premises.

What stranger is so strange that she isn’t trespassing on new property?
Where are my booby traps?
The arrows and swinging axes designed to keep out the best trained burglars
Her smile is the override for my security system
And my guard has been lowered.

Why her?
Why does my eternity want her signature?
Why do I want our paths to join and then spend that forever wondering what brought her to me?

I want to know.
I already know.