(Digging through Spotify again and found this gorgeous record.  I hope the link opens to a place you can hear it.  If not, it is on Spotify.  Day 66…)

My heart was an empty shell. Then you came along…

The potential was always there
Mimicking the voices of love while in the shower
Because in the shower,
I could be as loud
And as out of tune
As I want
Because in the shower,
I’m alone.

So I belt notes of adoration
Oblivious to the fact that I may be slightly off key.
Flat tone deaf since no one listened to me.
In the shower
I’m alone

But you
Heard me crooning while strolling down the sidewalk
You must have heard something you like
Or at least could work with
Because I heard your voice over the headphones
There was clarity in harmony.
With piano in spirit
Heart strings pressed by heartbeats produces octaves that guide me to finding my unique resister.

The best teachers help in discovering one’s own voice
While we no longer duet in concert for the stars
When I sing in the shower
I sound much better than I used to
Even though
I’m alone.