(This is a beautifully sad song.  It’s a powerful song in which the title may be jarring to some people.  I hope you enjoy Day 68’s entry…)

Live thorough things, and you won’t look back…

Fact: people die
People who turn your heart into a home
Will perish
Cease to exist
But at what point does grieving stop being therapeutic?

When a relationship is over
It sucks
Part of your soul is vacuumed from you.
Suddenly or gradually
The hurt isn’t any easier.
Funeral preparations are not any easier.

Every conversation
Every time someone asks why your arms are now empty
You repeat the eulogy you’ve prepared
Tears poorly hidden behind words in black garment
Sadness pulls at your hope
Placing the idea in your head that maybe
They’re not quite dead.

The coffin closes
The last time you’ll ever see them has arrived
Bury them.
Do not be sorry they are buried.
Whether you believe it or not
They’re in a better place
for them.

While precious
Can fester if allowed to feed on dreams
Nightmares give the shadows puree.
Don’t give in to the fright of being alone.
Don’t call out to the undead that appears bearing your former lover’s skin.
I know it’s thrilling to watch them rise from their grave
But they’re not here to dance.
No matter how much you loved them
Only want to feed on your brain.
And you’re in danger of becoming one yourself
No vaccination is as potent as goodbye.
Heal by never going grave digging
Old bones do not serve you while you’re living
Just like your tears won’t aid them in their afterlife.