(I decided not to go with the obvious innuendo, given what number day it is.  Instead, I wrote to and flipped one of the more eerie songs I’ve heard.  Day 69…)

He won’t see the Sun again…

I feel like I’m falling apart.
From the moment you touched me
My skin never felt the same again.
The imprint of your waist in my arms left them disfigured
Your kiss turns me green
Because I don’t want anyone else to know how infectious it is.
Your name makes my nerves bad.

Feeling what I’m feeling causes me to question normal functions
Sensations are not as sensational because you have grown on me from inside out.
Affection with your viral strands of bacteria form on my body
Because my body yearns to host whatever parasite you carry.

I’m sick
I’m sick of you
I’m sick with you
But they once found God among the lepers.
At least
Someone in the image of Him
And God is Love
So I’ve broken out in the holiest of disease for you.