(I’m beginning the eleventh week with more Dallas Green.  Today was an interesting one on Twitter.  A very serious topic arose and it allowed for the world’s ugliness to be brought to light.  The writing challenge was meant for days like this.)

You give him burden sometimes, and he will escape unharmed…

I used to be proud of my naivete
Not that I didn’t know
I just held onto the hope that
Things are better than reported
I still refuse to let pessimism make my throat parched
My words will never be bitter
Whatever is in the glass
There’s enough to quench thirst
If only for awhile

But as I grow up
That glass begins to get bigger
My need to be satiated becomes bigger and more frequent.
I have a well of inspiration
One I wish over but don’t throw pennies in
Cooper may make my requests bitter

The thing about wells
Is that it must rain for them to replenish
And those stormy days that turn the world dreary
Allow for hope to be restored

At least
That’s what I’ll tell myself.