(I decided to flip a Bobby Caldwell jam.  Different subject matter arose once this song got into my soul.  But that’s the nature of the challenge.  Write what comes to the heart.  Day 76…)

My flame, some things will never change…

As you know by now
I’m no simple ember
I am not made for lanterns
To be used only when electricity is scarce
And darkness is too much for your eyesight
My element plays backup for no one

I am made of the blaze that was worshipped
Believers didn’t understand but they knew something holy was among them.
Devotion given to me
Who warmed many beds in the night
And left them colder than before there was any spark

Igniting skin the instant it’s between my fingers
Gasoline kisses
Charcoal massaged onto mahogany fireplace
Gone to long without wood
So much divinity in the inferno created
It is forgotten that I’m dragging the sinner through Hell.

I turn angels into moths
Blessed creatures sent spiraling into me
Wings under my spell
Until incendiary plummet into cinder

Phoenixes don’t rise because there are no ashes
Since I never extinguish
The white holy glow becomes black and surrounding

I turn angels into ravens
Blackbirds left knocking at my chamber door
With waterfalls under their eyes
Never more

But you
You’re still here…