(I think my freewrites are beginning yo develop more cohesion faster; both within each entry and between each entry.  Interesting.  I also hope you’re listening to the songs.  Day 78…)

I put a spell on em.  Forgive me, Lord, but I’m hell on em…

I understand why danger is always on my tongue
The blackness of ink
And golden Sunlit spirit
Make me a gorgeous caution sign.
Around my heart
A police line
“Do Not Cross”
Do so
And like the adage says
You must hope to die.
Only those used to cleaning up crime are allowed access to view the scene of infraction

My heart is in fraction
Evidence of shattered dreams scattered between what I did and what went wrong

What went wrong:
A smooth ride along
The right side of the road
Clearly seen with sober mind
I’ve always been the inebriated thinker
Under the influence of my favorite vice
Regret slurs my words and blurs the yellow median until oncoming lights look like the end of the tunnel.

Warnings heeded an instant after injury could be avoided
Crashing inevitable
Death miraculously dodged
I’m still here
But alive.

They call that scenario an accident
But where is the divide between coincidence and habit?
Maybe I can’t see it because I’ve crossed it.