(I’m a video gamer.  And I love really good soundtracks.  Games, movies and tv should use more classical music for epic scenes.  I discovered an awesome Spotify playlist, and choose a track from Nick Phoenix for Day 79’s entry.)

This is from the Invincible album.

Sometimes it’s better to laugh at your own embarrassment
You knew the ground was not safe to walk on
Yet you boldly took that step
So sure that this time
Your balance would defeat laws of nature

You are okay
Nothing on you is damaged
Not even your pride
Everyone falls.
Some in mud after stormy evenings
Others poorly judge how far the next step is.

The nemesis of your center of gravity was ice
Puddles of leftover tears made dangerous by frigid nights
Wintry air blew and made paths unsafe for travel
Yet you
Knew that was the way home
Not necessarily the only way home
But the way you knew best
No cold was going to stop you
Determined to head this way
Speed over safety

Hastily walking the familiar
Not knowing that today
The sidewalk is a little different
Every crack you memorized
Every scenario you’ve seen
Except this one
This one
Got the best of you

It’s okay.
Everyone falls.