(This song needs no introduction.  Day 81.)

What’s my name?

We have a lot more in common than I used to think
Based on books about you,
We’re to believe you are nothing like us.
But like fruit from trees eaten against holy instruction
I know more about you
And about me

We both were created by God
At times
The divinity in us swells our ego until we believe that we have His power by proximity.
At this point
It doesn’t matter if you were the first to rebel against The Almighty
Because I’m tainted in rebellion from the moment I’m born

We both answer to Sinner
The smoky scent of Hell rests at our backs
Should He not show us favour
We will both burn for our iniquity.

Our tongues have spoken slithering words into innocent ears
To get others to do our bidding
Then we laugh when justice is served and, “he made me do it” isn’t enough for exoneration.
Selfishness protrudes from our foreheads
Yet we’re still so beautiful when we want to be

I pity you, sir
For your stubbornness shall cost you dearly.
I know this because I’ve lived it
But where we differ
Is while we both know where salvation is
With His mercy
Will see that place again.