(April is National Poetry Month.  Tradition suggests that poets write one piece per day for the entire month.  I had never successfully done that.  That makes the commitment to this challenge even more incredible for me.  It’s also my birth month.  Day 91…)

You’re in my veins, and I cannot get you out…

The drug metaphor is tired.
Writers have made their words addicts
Either unnecessarily upbeat
Or overwhelmingly downtrodden
From use and abuse of an easy analogy for how much we “like” something.

Besides, no matter how lovely the high
Drugs are something the body needs to live without
And they destroy far more than they build.

Drugs make the beautiful ugly
Now why do we associate anything loved with ugliness?

This brings me to you.
You make me feel alive
Yes, I would live without you
And I’d still have to face my problems
But you make living easier.

You’re dope.
My heart appreciates the donation
Once you’re injected into my system
You combine with the weaker parts of me and mage them stronger
I’m complete by myself
Yet you complement me in ways I never could have discovered without you

The world is better since you’re with me
My heart beats better after you’ve traveled through my body
Enhancing its functions and processes
It will never reject the dosages.

You give me all I need and want
You’re in my veins
Like a blood transfusion.