(This is my favorite song ever.  I’ve written and finished countless pieces to this.  For whatever reason, this song speaks to me like no other.  Plus, today is Brother Marvin’s birthday, so it was only right.  Day 92…)

I’m checking trouble, sugar. Moving down the line…

Have you ever known what it’s like to have calamity in your DNA?
The Y chromosomes
Tiny divining rods that ring when problems are near.

I am the living lesson for King Midas
Though my touch is hidden
It’s best that some things
Some people
Never come in contact with me.

I’m not a troublemaker.
I am Trouble’s life partner
Separated by salvation
Praying that celestial blessings temper her desires to seduce me.
She’s the ex that won’t leave me be
Because without her,
My whys wouldn’t exist.

I am nothing without her
But I am everything I hope to be
Without her
That’s for sure.