(Fuck fear.  I apologize if profanity offends you, but fuck fear.  Don’t let it rule you.  It’ll try to, and you may have weaker days.  But never let it win.  Day 97…)

Don’t succumb to this culture of fear…

It’s in our heads like our favorite song
Jamming to our racing hearts
Making our heads nod and shoulders shrug in rhythmic uncertainty.
We hold up the walls in front of us
Instead of letting the music give us the courage to move.

We wear it.
Show it off proudly like fresh sneakers
So afraid of taking the wrong step
And end up with dirty kicks
But when we were kids
The dirt meant we had fun
Go have fun
And stop worrying about if the toe on your shoes will wrinkle
You’ll have a story to tell.

We let fear determine who we are.
What the latest trends should be.
And we let fear determine if we won’t fit in.

The world is about standing out anyway
Boldly embracing being comfortable in your spirit
And wearing it proudly.