(Today was a really thoughtful day.  Maybe it was the sudden bursts of rain.  Who knows?  My birthday is tomorrow.  Day 98…)

I guess, sometimes, I lose my way…

I’ve made plenty of mistakes
Purposely taken wrong turns because I let selfishness navigate
I would say I lose my way sometimes
But that would be a lie
It’s more like I take detours
Knowing I need to be where I need to be as quickly as possible

But while I regret the length of the journey
I’ve grown to love the journey itself
The scrapes and weary legs
The unnecessary dirt on my pants
Make arrival much more pleasant
Obstacles build character
Once overcome, you use the material from them to compete what you’re made of.

Yes, I wish I had gotten here without a scratch
Without wounding others along the way
But I did manage to make it here
Who knows where I would be
Had I not taken this course