(Today is my 27th birthday.  It’s been a beautiful day, and I’ve been shown so much love and care from, family, friends, and strangers.  But not even celebration can stop this writing challenge–or however the thoughts form.  Day 99…)

Technology has made a lot of things easier.
It’s easier to send and receive messages
To add to the speed of communication
Abbreviation is a part of written language.

As I was reading well wishes as I reached another year of life
I realized that I was reading them.
Imagining voices instead of actually hearing voices
One text stood out
From my father

Besides this being our only communication in a time period only the Universe knows
I didn’t understand.
I knew what he meant
But the message lost its meaning
Shortening something as genuine as Happy Birthday
With no other characters after it
Just wanted to hear his voice.
Twenty-seven years
And I still wish he’d call first
I know I’m an adult
But he was an adult first.
It’s not like he doesn’t have my number
He obviously knows how to scroll and select
He even understands the modern ways to text
But he couldn’t do much more to say Happy Birthday
Just three letters
Not even I love you
Not even ILY.
And it’s amazing the restraint it took to not yell why
In all caps
Timothy, why?
I just abbreviated thank you.
I hope he got the message.