(J-Live has influenced a lot of my writing style.  As intelligent an MC as he is, I relate to that.  I chose one of his tracks for day 101…)

My sound’s my first love.

I love how she’s grown
Since we were teenagers
I’ve watched how trek into adulthood
And it changed our relationship

There was a time when I didn’t want much to do with her
Only talked to her when I had to in class.
We became friends before graduation
I never saw arousal in her smile
But when college came and went
And I came back home
She was

It’s cliche to describe obvious body parts like eyes
Hips lips and thighs
But yo
Each feature ripened
Polished and plump
And I started to wonder what it would be like
To have her

In the most private moments
When we catch up on times apart
And reminisce on the awkward conversations over homework
Kisses replaced words
Caresses replaced sentences
We became one
And after we were done
We realized
We had always been…