(Gregory Porter is an amazing artist.  If you haven’t figured, I prefer songs with amazing lyrics.  This jazz record speaks to my spirit and my definition of love.  Day 104…)

Vultures are flying round the ramparts of the towers of our love.  Don’t it sound sweet?  Our love.

Have you ever called God wrong?
Have you ever doubted His omniscience?
I do so every time I look into your eyes.

Because of our nature
We are flawed
Bound to make mistakes and die because of them
Our spines are crucifixes
We bear our cross
Hoping that there is salvation for us at the end of our lives.

I think the Almighty doesn’t give Himself enough credit
Because who else could make something like you
And that something love something like me
Knowing that it’s inevitable I’ll make you cry?

God says there are no perfect humans
Well even He can’t see how marvelous you are.
How whole this bond between us is
Imperfect people
Imperfect hearts
Sewn together seamlessly.