(I love finding new jazz songs the most.  I often think I was meant to be born in an earlier time, considering the release years of most of my favorite songs.  I also just realized I’m still not even a third through the year.  Day 105…)

While the wheel is spinning, spinning, spinning; I’ll dream of winning…

I rely on my strength
I send my brain spinning
Pushing it along
But not too much
In hopes of being able to guess.

I don’t want to lose my turn
Or worse
Lose all that the sanity I banked
Through correct estimations
Each letter is used as hope to uncover the truth about whatever mystery is on the board

Whatever category the Almighty Host presents
I can’t say jack
Just be constant
And pay for my vows with time
Because time is money
Time is sanity
And I’m willing to spend a little of it to find clarity.

I’d like to solve the puzzle.