(In total honesty, I wanted to write about sex.  Sometimes, those feelings arise.  Listen to KING.  Day 107…)

And I want to make this right, if not for life, just for tonight…

I want it.
Her body
Writhing against mine

Right now
I want
To make her my canvas
My notepad
To make art of our lust
Through the divine inspiration of our love

Though I have her forever
That doesn’t stop me from wanting to hold her hips
With her mounted on my lap
And sketch orgasms in watercolor
To write pantoums to her arousal

Craving the eternity in her kiss
The moments when I’m inside her
Condense time into a cosmic explosion
The universe is recreated when we climax
A big bang
Birthing another solar system for the world to see.

For now
I write.