(Elton John has been vital to how music and songs are made.  This song, for some reason, jumped out at me.  I decided to flip the message. I pulled from a place I’m not currently in.  This is a skill I’ve been trying to harness.  Day 109…)

When all hope is gone, why don’t you tune in and turn them on?

Avoid the radio.
Turn your frown upside-down.
Let your smile be your umbrella.
The truth is
The second adage is false hope
Rotating the parasol to match your grin
Only catches the downpour of tears.

Your smile doesn’t protect you from the rain
Your frown doesn’t shelter you from the storm
Getting caught in the rain is necessary

We need to be reminded that as uncomfortable as showers may be
We’re still alive
Drenched and upset
But alive
Tears will dry
That music we hear that causes our spirits to flood
That no artificial countenance can shield us from
Will yield to the instrumental of the heart.

Listen to your heartbreak
It’s telling you that you’re hurt
Not dead.
Fractured yet able to heal
If you let yourself feel the rain
All flood waters recede
And all music has an ending.