(Easter Sunday.  Whether or not you celebrate, it’s recognized as a time of hope.  I pulled from this lovely Phantogram record.  Day 110…)

Fall in me.  I’ll let you breathe…

I’ve seen where I died
Where my soul escaped the blood stain
Where allegedly, a piece of me was left
I hit the ground pretty hard

I understand those who won’t fall in love a second time after the first ended
It requires true insanity
And selfishness
We select which lessons from experience we take with us to succeed
But we use the exact same measures

We reach the same destination
We leap from that takeoff point with the knowledge of looking down
Down is where our mistakes reside
Each time we land on them
We add to the pile of persons that held that piece of us we gave up.

Falling in love every time after the first time
Is jumping from a cliff with tattered wings and believing them fly despite the damage they’ve received

Do it anyway
Be delusional anyway
Because love is worth it