(This is one time a song grabbed my attention when I may have had another idea in mind.  I love music backed by an orchestra.  Day 113…)

If you hear a song that grows from my tender, sentimental woes, that was my heart trying to compose a prelude to a kiss…

Every love song that I’ve ever heard fights to be the one playing in my head.
Loving you until the day that is no more.
Until the end of time
I’ll be there for you
Nothing is redundant when speaking of your lips.

The closer I get to you
The more my heart shuffles through the right lyrics to be there the moment our kiss starts playing.
The way your lips slightly part in anticipation
The way you make me feel
I need to have you next to me
In more ways than one

There’s something in the way you smile
That lets me know no obstacle will keep me from it
Looking into your eyes is the first time I saw your face every day

A melody bonds with our hearts.
At last…