(This freewrite is definitely from a personal space.  I used to try to stay away from commitment as best I could.  Live, I found out, doesn’t quite work that way.  Day 114…)

But, if we label this, just picture what we might lose…

I’ve written to you
I’ve written about you
I’ve written for you
Three sentences that show I’m willing to relinquish control
But I can’t tell you that
Because the control allows me to hold onto everything

There’s comfort in indecision
No pressure of giving things a name
We just write to our hearts’ content
Until those hearts decide they need a title.

Words on these pages to, for, and about you
My spirit knows who is my muse
I just choose to be inspired in silence
In silence, there is no rejection
In silence, I can control how I use your inspiration
Without worrying you with how good something with your name on it is.
I already put enough pressure on myself to be perfect
But if we are as holy as this gift is
Then I want this piece to be better than perfect
Always perfect
Not perfect until I backspace on something I said
Not perfect until I misread a word and context is lost

Here, we don’t have any rules to abide by
No themes to formthe metaphor around
We just write.