(Today’s entry was really easy to write.  I don’t know if it’s because of personal experience or whatever, but the words were very clear in my mind.  I pulled from Dru Hill for this one.  Day 115…)

Although we may be rushing, there’s no time to think it through.  Because when love overcomes your heart, there’s nothing you can do…

The only time distance is reality is when coupled with travel
Until we were ready for that reality
Though I’m not sure we were ready
Distance disappeared whenever I heard your voice
Saw your eyes in hi-definition
Typed various messages to you
Making my phone my pacemaker
Vibrating and ringing the way my heart does

Long-distance relationships are still taboo
The yearn for touch is so great
That the inconvenience of travel
Not just distance
Can place strain on it.
We required extra
Like dialing 1
In order to make sure our connection remained solid
Despite the promotion of drawbacks
How so many hookups are dropped because impatience outlasted love
We made the miles between us disappear like an illusion
Until we were able to make the miles disappear in reality.

Picture in picture is no longer needed
We turned telecommunication into the love most people desire
I don’t have to wonder when I’ll be able to touch you
Don’t need to budget and set money aside
Time is money now that I have you next to me.
We turned our insurance into action
And removed travel
Making distance insignificant.